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Corporate Fun Days

Hiring fairground, simulator & funfair rides and attractions, from us at Showtime Events UK for your Corporate Event or Fun Day, will make sure that your company/business stand out from the crowd.

Favourites include traditional fairground rides such as Dodgems (bumper cars), Carousals (Merry Go Rounds), Waltzers,  Miami Wipe Out, Twister & Orbiter.


Traditional Dodgems and Bumper cars for hire - Burton on Trent Traditional fairground rides Waltzers for hire Burton on Trent|Derby|Nottingham Carousel|Merry-Go-Round Traditional fairground rides for hire Derby,Burton,Nottingham

Along with the traditional funfair rides we also have 2 state of the art Simulators Rides for hire. The 2 Thomson simulators with surround sound and fully air conditioned, ensure a fantastic, comfortable yet exhilarating ride experience.

Perfect for all ages the Thomson VXL Simulator has a 20 seat capacity with the Thomson V14 as the name suggests seating 14, with these simulator rides anyone can experience the thrill of a Euro Jet Fighter ride, the extreme feeling of a Mega Rally Car drive, the tummy churning ups & downs of the Astro Canyon Coaster ride or become Superbike Stars Joey Dunlop or Valentino Rossi as you hurtle around the track.

With 10+ simulator rides available we have something to suit everyone, CLICK HERE to view our Simulator rides


Simulator Ride Hire-Burton on Trent,Staffordshire  Simulator ride hire Nottingham - Burton - Derby - Leicester - UK  Simulator Ride Hire-Burton on Trent,Staffordshire

Seating 14

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