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Thomson VXL, Thomson V14
Showtime Event Simulator

We have 2 Thomson simulator rides with surround sound and fully air conditioned, providing excellent comfort during your experience. Thomson VXL Seating 20 Thomson V14 Seating 14 Our flight simulators have proved to be extremely popular with the whole family from 3 years old to 113! M

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Continental Dodgems, Traditional Dodgem
Showtime Event Dodge Em Bumper

BRINGING THE “FUN” BACK IN TO “FUNFAIR” we are proud to offer our 2 sets of dodgems! Continental Dodgems 16 Cars Traditional Dodgem 16 Cars 16 Cars The dodgems or bumper cars are one of the most popular fairground attractions for all ages over many generations. Showtime

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Fun Fair Rides

Waltzer, Carousel, Twist and many more
Showtime Event Other rides

Here at Showtime We aim to exceed your expectations of a “fairground” experience for your event. With a vast knowledge of the industry, we are able to offer a wide range of other rides and attractions. Waltzer Carousel Twist Miami Orbiter And also Children’s ride

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